EDAP Digital Productions, L. L. C., produces featured films, theater, commercials, music videos, and professional photography.

Floyd Books Publishing, L. L. C.  produces novels and additional written content from our in-house authors, Eddie Floyd, Jr. and April Floyd, which we turn into motion pictures. Our writers also write commercials and music concepts. 

Floyd Dream Agency, L. L. C., represents in-house talent for acting and modeling. Contact us for more information.

Floyd Music House manages our in house  music talents.

Eddie Floyd, Jr., was born and raised in Detroit, where he developed a deep understanding of the music and film industry from a young age. As the son of the legendary Eddie "Knock On Wood" Floyd from Stax, Eddie's connection to the business side of entertainment came naturally. Growing up in the 1950s, he was immersed in the music industry, influenced by his uncle Robert West, a Doo-Wop legend with Lupine Records in Detroit.

Eddie's experience in the industry also stems from his younger brother's work as a successful artist manager, representing top musicians like Beyonce, TLC, and Destiny's Child. Witnessing his brother's collaborations and achievements, Eddie's passion for all things entertainment has only grown stronger over the years.

Today, Eddie Floyd, Jr., holds the position of CEO at FEG-Floyd Entertainment Group, Floyd Books Publishing, EDAP Productions, Floyd Music House, and Floyd Dream Agency. Alongside April Floyd, he worked on the Hollywood film "THE PERFECT MATE" and served as a producer for the Black News Channel commercial, reaching millions of viewers.

Furthermore, Eddie manages several influential artists, including The Legendary WilyMac, a prominent Southern Soul Blues artist. Eddie (Knock On Wood) Floyd himself has written and produced The Legendary WillyMac's latest Blues album, scheduled to be released in January 2024. This highly anticipated album was recorded at Royal Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, where renowned musicians such as Bruno Mars have also crafted their music. Lawrence "Boo" Mitchell, a Grammy Award-winning engineer, producer, and composer, brought his expertise to the project.

The Floyds, through their appearances on television and radio, continue to share their knowledge and passion for the entertainment industry. Their commitment to building a lasting family legacy in the world of entertainment remains unwavering.

April Floyd is a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment. Over the past decade, this St. Louis-born-and-bred blogger and author has made a name for herself as a self-made dream maker. With four published novels under her belt, April is now expanding her horizons and venturing into the realms of screenwriting, stage and film production, and directing.

April's journey wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering love and support of her husband, Eddie Floyd Jr., son of the legendary R&B singer/songwriter Eddie "Knock On Wood" Floyd Sr. It was Eddie who encouraged April to reignite her early writing dream, and together, they have built a powerhouse of creativity and passion.

One of April's notable creations is the trilogy of Unique novels, which she birthed through her blogging journey on Fueled by her own experiences with dismissive attitudes, lack of resources, cruelty, and the mistreatment of children facing physical and mental challenges, April created the character of Unique. Through the heart-wrenching pages of "A Unique World," "A Unique Life," and "I am Unique," she takes readers on a journey of resilience and triumph against all odds. Infused with themes of goodness, possibilities, faith, and the power of love, these novels remind us of the inherent strength within every human being.

But April's dreams don't stop at the pages of her books. She envisions her masterpiece, "I Am Unique," gracing the big screen or a significant streaming network soon. To bring this vision to life, April and Eddie established FEG-Floyd Entertainment Group, LLC, a platform that houses their various entertainment ventures. This includes Floyd Books Publishing, LLC, which handles the publishing of their novels; EDAP DIGITAL PRODUCTIONS, LLC, dedicated to film and photography works; and FLOYD DREAM AGENCY, LLC, a platform for nurturing the dreams of others.

With the help of Echelon Media Production, April and Eddie produced a captivating 15-minute trailer and a 45-minute short film for "I Am Unique." The project attracted hundreds of aspiring actors and filmmakers from St. Louis and Illinois, showcasing the power of April's mentorship and guidance. She nurtured and inspired over 200 individuals, unlocking their hidden talents and passion for the craft. As a testament to her dedication, she gave out eighty graduating certificates from her film program, leaving a lasting impact on the local community.

April's creative ventures extend beyond her novels and short films. She has worked on various film sets, even making her mark as an actress in the streaming movie "The Perfect Mate" alongside acclaimed co-stars such as Jack'ee Harry, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, K. D. Aubert, and Chico Benymon. In addition, April has ventured into commercial production, crafting impactful advertisements for the BNC-Black News Channel and writing commercials for politicians.

Collaborating with Aaron Williams, April co-wrote the featured film "Blue Lightning," starring renowned actors Quinton Aaron from "Blindside" and Gordon Danniels from "Gifted" in leading roles. And in 2023, April, Eddie Jr., and Aaron Williams joined forces once again to produce the highly anticipated film "Bed & Breakfast," set to release soon.

Looking ahead, April Floyd shows no signs of slowing down. Her next publishing ventures include novels titled "A Unique Message" and "Unique Change," scheduled for release in 2024. Additionally, she has several feature films in the works, all written and produced by her creative genius.

April Floyd's remarkable talent and unwavering determination have earned her the title of a "Triple Threat in the Industry," as hailed by Media Made Magazine. She is a trailblazer, a dream maker, and an inspiration to all aspiring artists. With each project she undertakes, April Floyd continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.


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